Sunday, 1 June 2014


War, it spreads fear and oppression,
Instills hatred in the hearts of all.
Poisoned with hatred and greed,
They point barrels at each other.
Poor lives become heretical, miserable,
But the guns and bursts grow bigger.
Innocents fall dead to the dozen
With red seeping into the earth.
Power, more power, they thirst for it.
But do they not know?
There is no power gained
In leaving a son fatherless,
In turning a woman a widow,
In making a father bury his son.
“Stop!” our stained earth cries.
Somewhere amongst all the red,
Sprouts a little White Lily.
All footsteps stop in their tracks,
As it rises up into the heavens,
Taking with it the Spoils of War.