Monday, 15 September 2014


I sat alone as my mind screamed for peace.
Under a sheltered shed I sat, preplexed and mute.
I listened to the rain pour down on the tired tin,
As I felt my heart that struggled to start a beat.
It laboured on and on, rose then fell and thumped.
The awaiting book beckoned me as I held it close,
And I made my eyes run through the foggy words.
But the sound within kept me listening and mourning.
Then I looked up and stared into the vacant space,
Desperately searching for the right within the world.
My weary eyes fell on a rain drop while it fell,
And dissipated into a tiny ocean of a nearby puddle.
I saw another falling on a flower that then danced.
I saw the trees stretch out their greens for the rain,
Then I saw a man running towards me, to the shed.
I looked and felt sympathy for the man in the rain.
Oh no, not because his clothes were drenched
But because he was running away from all the good.
He was running away from the beauty of it all.
I saw it all, I saw the right within the world.
I finally saw all the right and good of the universe.
I had only looked but never tried to see, and see.
I stood up and glided into the cold rain outside,
I lifted my faced to heaven and the rain fell
And blessed me with a glimpse of eternity.
I ran, danced and leaped for joy under the rain.
The man under the shed slowly walked out to the rain,
Came by my side and shared with me my sudden glee.
And nature sang and shook all its green with us
As we ran, danced and leaped for joy under the rain
And saw glimpses of eternity in every drop that fell.