Saturday, 25 October 2014


Under the guise of her betrayed,
Above her guise they judge unswayed.
Laughter and her nimble they look,
Of smiles with prudence write a book.

A faux, a sham, this all there is.
For beneath, frail and marred, she lies.
Into her eyes they search but miss.
Cut here, then there. Hark! how she cries.

Anguished, how she in thick air drowns.
Her heart thumps, then heaves and frowns.
Much ail she keeps, hosted by venom.
Exits and lives, nearly phantom.

A gay visage they choose to find,
She lives sweetly misunderstood.
And her truth tucked away behind.
To find her facts, they never could.

A rebel, a mess, allow me!
To howl, to screech! Do let her be!
Alas! She weeps under her hood.
She lives sweetly misunderstood.

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