Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Untaken Chances

Our love happened, but never really did.
I loved you but it never fit right in place.
I could swear, if our lives and time were different,
We could’ve made it work, like black and white.

Time was sparse and all I heard was your voice,
But something fit in between all our madness.
The sweet summer breeze told me I could love you,
And one day I gave you my heart in a message box.

It was not long before you returned it, dead.
I only had one heart; you had many empty chests.
You put mine in one, right next to hers.
When I found out, there was no explanation.

Rejection stings, but heartache scars deeply.
Now you come to me with sweet pleas for my love,
My rejection stings I know, but you scarred me.
Stings quickly fade, but these scars are mine forever.

Now you audaciously ask me to erase the past,
But you do not know that some are only human,
Without a delete button beside my nightmares of you.
But I have learnt to wake up to a reality devoid of you.

Heartbreaks happen and I am not immune,
Maybe you are because you lack a heart.
We once had a chance but it slipped away
Between the spaces of your fingers, it fell away.

Not all chances are meant to be taken,
And I thank fate that we did not take yours.
I will never be yours and I never want to be.
Somewhere in my madness, I am healing.

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