Sunday, 30 April 2017

Thirty Emotions

Sometimes I convince myself
I'm feeling thirty emotions
All at the same time.
They eat at my everything,
Thirty emotions, they do not fade.
They ask to be cut out,
So I do, releasing them
Into this madness I find myself in.

Sometimes I convince myself
That these thirty emotions
Keep me a little sane,
Reminding me about feeling,
Always, I am drowning
In their tears, in mine.
Wishing that they'll stop
I walk a little closer to the ledge.

Sometimes I convince myself
I am just a shadow.
It does not matter
If I cease to exist
Shadows, they fade.
They need some light,
A place to fall onto,
Something for their temporality.

Sometimes I convince myself
I have just a few seconds
Before my light runs out.
Maybe shadows are missed
Always, I am fading.
The faces I fall on to,
Have too much dark,
I, a shadow, cannot make my mark.